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a selection of works by members of East Street Arts various studio groups. The importance of these studios is to value and promote the individual practices of professional and amateur ‘makers’, as well as providing a ‘community’ which supports them. A retreat for some, used more socially for others.

The volume of work an artist produces in a studio is amazing. It is an intimate workshop, where an individual or group can produce and store a huge amount material and thoughts.

We found the idea of storing particularly relevant, and have selected works which illustrate this investment of time, energy and materials in order to create an active repository which is their studio. Works which helped us bring forth memories or recollect stories we have remembered and kept ourselves, storage systems within nature or images which suggest libraries or collections themselves.

Once the artworks are finished, they don’t lose the energy invested into them, they become storage systems themselves, ready to pass on that energy onto an audience.

Suported by East Street arts


Fiona Halliday
Carla Moss
John Byrne
Teresa Flavin
Polly Cummings