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Our Times

28/09/2013 – 20/10/2013

A collaboration between Amalie Jakobsen Oskar Jönsson and Mexico

Our Times is a project that presents works by selected individuals from a broad range of professions; from gardener to economist, documentarist to artist. Common to all of the elements, is an interpretation of the times we live in. The local and international works are presented within an exhibition and publication available to the public.

Our Times consists of a residency, exhibition, publication and website designed to be inclusive of varied ways of working. Works, ideas, artworks, essays, poems, thoughts, articles and film are provided equal platform to voice each different discipline.

The project creates for the participants involved, an opportunity to work without restriction in a variety of forms and to contribute to the development of the final outcome as a whole. The project is presented to the public in a manner, which hopes to engage all.

Documentation can be found here:


Alfie Strong (UK) Artist
Alice Miller (UK) Writer
Amalie Smith (DK) Artist
Amanda Simon (UK) Artist
Amy Cooper (UK) Gardener
Annie Carpenter (UK) Curator/Director
Anton Peitersen (DK) Artist
Benjamin Slinger (UK) Artist
Bronte Dow (AUS) Artist
Caroline Weaver (US) Writer
Catherine Ailsa Jones (UK) Artist
Christian Skovgaard (DK) Artist
Christopher Holloran (UK/NL) Artist
Claire Dearnley (UK) Artist
David McLeavy (UK) Artist
David Stjernholm (DK) Artist
E.E. (SE & SE) Cinematographer/Artist & Musician/Artist
Elin Eyborg & Maja Nydal (DK/ISL & DK) Architect/Scenographer & Photographer
Elin Rylander (SE) Open Source evangalist
Elizabeth Holdsworth (UK) Artist
Emmy Ekelund (SE) Journalist
Gustav Ekland (SE) Development Studies
Hardeep Pandhal (UK) Artist
Jack Fisher (UK) Artist
Jack Piers Scott (UK) Poet/Dreamer/Artist
Jakob Jakobsson (ISL) Architect
Jakob Öhman & Emma Nilsson (SE & SE) Hairdresser/Cabinet maker & Seamstress/Carpenter
James Gogginn (US/UK) Graphic designer/Writer/Lecturer
Joseph Buckley (UK) Artist/Curator
Kate Olivia Higginbottom (UK) Horse whisperer
Kyoung Kim (US) Theorist
Lorene Greiffenberg (FR) Artist
Luke Richardson (UK) Musician
Lydia Catterall (UK) Artist
Mathias Hancock (UK) Artist
Matthew Merrick (UK) Artist
Natalie Finnemore (UK) Artist
Patrícia Correia Domingues (PT) Jeweller
Petja Ivanova (BG) Designer
Phil Coyne (UK) Artist
Rosie Hastings & Hannah Anderson (UK & UK) Artist & Artist
Sam Kenswil (US) Artist
Savannah Smith Hayzer (US) Artist
Simon Rasmussen (DK) Artist
Taneesha Ahmed (UK) Artist
Thomas Morris (UK) Artist