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Winter Solstice 2013


For our Winter Solstice event this year Mexico is proud to present a selection of works by the film maker and graphic designer Brianna Lashé.

Best known for her music videos of the Chicago rap scene, she has directed and produced hundreds of works profiling and documenting the music, and as a result has contributed to and guided its visual identity. The proliferation on the music, which is now part of the mainstream, owes a great deal to the work of a handful of young film makers within which Brianna Lashé is key. The characteristic style is typified by slipping in and out of focus, frenetic staccato cuts from shot to shot and the crowds of participants in each video. Lashé’s work add adds as much distinctiveness to the experience as either the rapper or the producer, and through including narratives and original sets she contextualises the work beyond what we can simply hear through the music.

The exhibition will include a selection of videos and images, and as it is our Winter Solstice exhibition, we will be providing food and drink for everyone. Please come and enjoy yourselves.

The exhibition will also include a work by last year’s Solstice artist Aaron McLaughlin.


Brianna Lashé
Aaron Mclaughlin