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12/02/2015 – 11/04/2015

We are producing a new interactive artwork, ONDA MAND as our contribution to group show The Varieties curated by artist Harold Offeh and Clarissa Corfe at the Harris Gallery in Preston. Inspired by the life of Preston cultural impresario, acrobat, clown and filmmaker Will Onda, the show features work by Harold Offeh, Jonathan Baldock, Mark Bleakley, Andrea Booker, Stuart Edmundson, David Mackintosh, Erkka Nissinen, Florence Peake and Sean Penlington and Mexico.

ONDA MAND looks at the role of the audience in the modern entertainment industry. The project invites musicians and artists to contribute recordings of them playing music, which either they have written or covered from other artists.

There has been a shift in recent years, largely due to the swell in popularity of ‘social’ online platforms, whereby a previously silent audience have been given the ability to comment, like, repeat, share and remix whatever they are watching. Due to new methods of advertising, engaging with material in this way is largely encouraged as it promises a larger reach, and there are many platforms for this to take place.

Entrepreneurial ‘start-ups’ have flooded the market with new platforms and ways to share and profit from this entertainment. ONDA MAND emulates the look and functionality of these platforms, and opens a new time-based project for anyone to contribute to that exists in a physical form within the exhibition but also online.

To find out more or contribute a track, visit