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The Bear Pit / ‘Zero Moments of Truth’

‘Zero Moments of Truth’ Inc. Jennifer Chan, Jaakko Pallasvuo and IIja Karilampi Combining the online marketing concept ‘Zero Moment of Truth’ with the scientific methodology of ‘action research’, ZMOT will operate as an extended community of practice encouraging peer review, co-production and publication.

Developed during Mexico’s ‘Bear Pit’ residency at Focal Point Gallery in Summer 2015, ZMOT will roll out into a pilot programme inviting participation from a peer-selected group of international practitioners.

Adopting the action research process of phased, collective thinking > action > review, the project will provide a framework that interconnects independent practice. ZMOT will initiate a forum for the incubation of formative ideas and a platform for the dissemination of contemporary art thinking, writing and production, through digital and physical events, exhibitions and publishing.

The next phase of the project will run from October 2015 – January 2016 as part of About Time, a city-wide curatorial programme running alongside the launch of British Art Show 8 in Leeds. Event date: Saturday 19 September

More info on the Bear Pit The Bear Pit’ is a purpose-built installation, which simultaneously operates as both studio and exhibiting space. Visitors are restricted to a raised gantry which surrounds and creates a viewing point for an enclosed area below. Three artist-run spaces from around the UK have been invited to curate a programme of events, exhibitions or residencies for a period of three weeks each. The design for the construction is drawn from a student facility at Middlesex University, which was formerly based in an old industrial building in Wood Green, London, during the late 1990s. Nicknamed for its formal resemblance to the 19th century bear enclosures in parks and zoos, the space consisted of a series of raised walkways over a studio and performance area. This intimidating environment reinforced an intense interaction between audience and performer, shifting the power relationship more typically assumed. This exploration of the conjuncture between institution, audience and artist will be further unpacked through Focal Point Gallery’s installation, which will also provide access to the developmental stage of the projects – inviting viewers to observe development, rehearsals and set-up from the gantry. A live-feed from the space will be displayed on the external Public Screen in Elmer Square, adjacent to the gallery.


Jennifer Chan
Jaakko Pallasvuo