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DKUK Leeds

DKUK Leeds a pop up hair salon, presents Alan Kane’s Vanity Suite/Sorry originally commissioned in 2015. In Vanity Suite/Sorry, Kane offers a wry take on the long tradition of contemplating mortality within art. Brought to Leeds by Mexico as part ofAbout TimeVanity Suite/Sorry was Kane’s first tombstone furniture work. He has since continued to work with these materials for his work included in British Art Show 8. Over the course of the exhibition, Leeds artists Ellie MacGarry, Rufus Newell and Karl Vickers were commissioned to present work/ events in the salon.

Alan Kane was born in Nottingham and lives and works in London and Great Yarmouth. Recent productions include: Documentarium, a county wide touring exhibition for Kent County Council at Turner Contemporary and others (2014); Punk Shop, Ancient & Modern, London, (2013); The Unwanted, BQ, Berlin (2012); Home for Orphaned Dishes, Whitechapel Gallery, London (2011); Trove, Martos Gallery, New York, (2011); Life Class: Today’s Nude, a series for Channel 4 Television w. ArtAngel, (2009); and Folk Archive: contemporary popular art from the UK, various venues, (2005-2015) w. Jeremy Deller. His work is represented in public collections including: Tate, Arts Council England, The British Council, V&A, The Collection Lincoln and the Government Art Collection, FRAC Champagne-Ardennes

At DKUK Salon, paying clients get their hair cut in front of art. Realised by artist/hairdresser Daniel Kelly, DKUK provides a platform for engaging diverse audiences with contemporary art in the welcoming environment of a hairdressing salon. A new model for producing work, DKUK combines the practical, commercial framework of a hairdressing business, with the funding support of the Arts Council England. DKUK offers artists a unique environment for showing and developing work, away from the pressure of the commercial art world and the growing complexities of the ‘publicly’ funded spaces. This co–existence of art and hairdressing affords artists complete control over the visitor’s experience. Daniel Kelly (b. 1981) has exhibited at the Saatchi Gallery, Whitechapel Gallery, Somerset House, Ancient and Modern, French Rivera, Outpost, Norwich and Matt’s Gallery. His work The Pirates of Carthage was performed on Resonance FM, ‘’ was funded by the Elephant Trust. He has work in the Saatchi collection and is currently an associate of Open School East.


Alan Kane
Dan Kelly
Ellie MacGarry
Rufus Newell
Karl Vickers