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with great power comes great responsibility

30/09/2011 – 05/10/2011

An ongoing project, Mad Props was initially conceived as an eight-month project seeking to examine, and experiment with, established models in the hope to contextualise our own activity. Launched as the  inaugural project in our current space in September 2011, it has since developed into an accumulative research project which  provides a framework for our curatorial projects and which is currently manifested as an xls. spreadsheet. The project aims to make more visible the support structures and interdependency that creative practice relies upon and recognise the need to share with and learn from our contemporaries as well as the inevitable assimilation, appropriation and replication that occurs during this process.

The live incarnation of this project invited the spaces and groups whose programme or practice we admire and whose ethos we relate to, to contribute elements of their spaces to our own. The exhibition brought together a diverse mix of  contributions ranging from formal artworks, texts and gallery ephemera to furniture, cocktail recipes and playlists. The project has prompted new conversations and continues to catalyse inter-connectivity of and artists networks and the development of new collaborative projects and exchanges.


AC Institute (US)
Basement (IR)
C.A.C. (SLV)
Eastside Projects(UK)
Enjoy (UK)
Hinterconti (DE)
Kulter (NL)
Preteen (MX)
Rex (SRB)
Tether (UK)
Transponder (DE)
WE artspace (US)
Wharf Chambers (UK)