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Trade…At A Glance: REPEAT ALL


The evening is a repetition of the first three exhibitions and events produced as Trade in Nottingham.

The absence of the artist is a provocation to both audience and other artists to re-consider their cultural and artistic identity in both Artur Zmijewski’s ‘Them’ 2007 and Paula Roush’s (MSDM) ‘Art Strike 1990-1993′ .

Artur Zmijewski’s ‘Them’ 2007 documents a series of exchanges from representatives from conflicting social groups; The nationalist – All Polish Youth, a group of Young Jewish Liberals, an assortment of leftists and a Catholic women’s group, who were all invited to create a banner that represents their idea of Poland. The amicable atmosphere turns volatile when the groups are asked to amend each other’s banners.

Paula Roush’s (MSDM) ‘Art Strike 1990-1993′ consists a winding monologue by Stewart Home, in which he discusses the reasons for and wider implications of the ‘Art Strike’ in he which called upon all artists to cease their artistic work between January 1st, 1990 and January 1st, 1993.

The second half of the evening features a live performance by Phillip Henderson – Time Machine Lecture #11. As if caught in a large game of Chinese whispers, each of Phillip Henderson’s Time Machine Lectures contain a modified version of one or more of the past lectures. Remodelled, and rearranged, the lectures are created to suit the physical environment in which they are positioned adding in Henderson’s current relation to the theory of time and space. The subject of space and time starts to warp the form of each ensuing Lecture.

All three works set the tone for Trade Gallery’s programme, which builds on a rich history of performance and film in Nottingham, the programme pays particular attention to performative, social, collaborative and collective artworks. In addition, the programme at Trade provides opportunities to engage and reconsider the importance of historical artists’ film and video in relation to the current social, political and artistic climate, such as Joseph Beuys’ ‘I like America and America Likes Me’ (1974) and Trade’s current exhibition Stuart Sherman: Spectacles (1975-89). Trade is curated by Artist Bruce Asbestos.


Artur Zmijewski
Paula Roush
Stewart Home
Phillip Henderson
David Sherry